Repurposing a World War I building and fostering educational growth.

This project is a repurpose project involving the rehabilitation and reuse of the existing 100-year-old building, representing a historic renovation and construction project. Originally, the Girls’ school at Milton Academy, the land where this historic building now stands was said to have been used to grow potatoes during World War I. Withstanding many years as a fixture of Milton Academy’s campus, this seasoned building has since come to show its age, and as the Academy grows and evolves, it is necessary that Ware Hall evolve with it to provide the best academic spaces possible. At current, Ware Hall houses a number of different academy uses and programs which include, but are not limited to, math, Modern Language, and the Middle School. The renovation of Ware Hall relocates the Math Department and transforms the building to house Modern Languages and the Middle School, all in a fully renovated, fully accessible building. All new systems are added as part of this project.

Milton, Massachusetts

43,000 sf