A benefit of our deep and varied industry expertise is our ability to add value and solve problems before the project even begins. Many of our clients prize our leadership, engaging us early to spearhead master planning efforts to set the direction of their construction projects. Our lengthy experience allows us to take a long term perspective, avoiding mistakes and pivoting where necessary. At CSL, we believe in the ability to lead from anywhere and demonstrate the same dedication to our clients’ success at every level of every project.

Master Planning Services Include:

  • Team selection process and oversight
  • Collaborate with clients to ensure the master plan ties to the strategic mission
  • Work with architect and clients to engage stakeholders via charrettes or one on one meetings
  • Perform existing conditions assessments and update existing space plans to inform master plan
  • Outline space requirements needed to achieve goals
  • Develop long term cost and schedule associated with the master plan
  •  Provide necessary presentation material and support for fundraising