Preserving local history through modern restoration.

This project included the historic restoration and preservation of a 1912 building that was originally built to provide an administration building for Cambridge, MA’s old trolley system. The scope of work included repointing of the entire building’s brick façade, brick repairs, stucco repairs, window and door replacement, full roof replacement, and copper canopy replacement. Because the building is leased out to a restaurant group, work also included core and shell work so the building could be turned over for a tenant fit-out. The core and shell work included roof beam repairs and replacement, interior wall masonry repairs as needed, plumbing and gas systems to support a basement-level kitchen, rooftop equipment including, but not limited to, make-up air handler, kitchen exhaust scrubber, and dishwasher exhaust fan. This project stands as an exemplary model of successful historic renovation, preserving the architectural heritage of the area while accommodating modern needs within the realm of construction projects.

Cambridge, Massachusetts

7,500 sf